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The personal blog of Chris Gerritz. I muse on malware, threat hunting, and security incidents. Occasionally more.
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Chris Gerritz

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Chris Gerritz is a retired Air Force cyber warfare officer and pilot. He now hunts malware for a living as co-founder of Infocyte.

Approaches to Threat Hunting

Asked yourself:

"Am I breached?"

"Is someone monitoring my systems right now, logging my keystrokes, stealing my credit card information or intellectual property?"

How would you answer these questions in your organization?

Aha, I saw what you just tried to do there. You just reached for your old, dusty antivirus

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PSHunt Framework

PSHunt Structure

PSHunt is divided into several modules, functions, and folders. The below gives an outline of the grouping of these functions and upcoming posts will describe how how to use them with examples and screenshots.


Discovery functions and cmdlets are used to identify hosts on the network and

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